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Protecting Your Health at a Pre-Anesthesia Visit

Any sort of surgery requires thorough preparation. Undergoing anesthesia has risks as well as complications. While sometimes the anesthesiolgist may meet the patient a few days before surgery, it is not the norm. Today it is common that the first time a patient meets the anesthesiologist is just before the operating room.

In either case, it’s essential not to skip over important health information. Make sure that your medical team knows about any allergies and your reactions to medications in the past. During pre-operative testing, make sure all chronic diseases are listed, as well as all medications being used. If there are any issues when planning to have elective surgery, it’s possible to reschedule the surgery while awaiting additional tests to ensure safety. If the surgery is for a child, be sure to request a pediatric anesthesiologist!

Your anesthesiologist needs your full medical history. Specifically, he or she needs to know if you’ve ever had general anesthesia before, and if so, whether you had a reaction to it. Disclose any recent changes to your health, recent surgeries, recent hospital admissions, medical conditions, and medications.

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Has Your Doctor Been Accused of Misconduct?

Prior to putting your health and your life in the hands of a doctor, you as a proactive patient should take advantage of available information concerning a physician’s background

In New York, the Office of Professional Medical Conduct—OPMC—investigates complaints about healthcare professionals. You can use the OPMC website to research your providers and find out if they have any record of complaints in their past. This information can help you make an informed decision about your healthcare. When considering a doctor for your care, you can also check doctors’ backgrounds on the New York State Physician Profile Website.

The medical malpractice lawyers in New York at Pegalis & Erickson, LLC can assist you if you suspect medical negligence has impacted your healthcare. To discuss the details of your case, please call (516) 858-2194. We advocate for people of all ages who have been victims of avoidable negligence that caused them life-altering harm or death.

Physical Therapy for Children with Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy can occur as the result of birth trauma, leaving children and their parents facing the possibility of a lifetime of complications. Physical therapy is often one of the first treatments recommended for cerebral palsy.. Having your child tested through early intervention programs available in your area, can greatly help your child achieve better physical growth and development.

Physical therapy can help children with cerebral palsy improve their mobility as well as coordination, balance, flexibility, posture, and endurance. The amount of physical therapy that is recommended depends on the severity of symptoms and what other treatments are being used. Other therapies often recommended include occupational therapy, which focuses on helping a child achieve the attributes of daily living such as dressing and eating. Sometimes speech therapy may be necessary to help your child with speaking.

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Is Labor Induction Dangerous?

Labor induction is sometimes required if delaying birth could be dangerous to you or your child. In some pregnancies, a doctor may recommend labor induction for convenience, especially if you live far from the hospital. Although labor induction is a common procedure, it does carry risks. When medical mistakes are made before or during induction, those risks increase for both you and your child. Here are some risks of labor induction:

Increased Need for C-Section
After labor induction, the risk of needing a C-section increases. First-time mothers whose cervixes have not dilated appropriately may need a C-section after induction. Having a C-section introduces more risks into the delivery and recovery process, including an increased risk of infection for both you and your baby. It also extends the time it takes to recover from giving birth.

Reduced Heart Rate
When labor is induced, the medication used can cause many contractions. In addition to being painful, having too many contractions can lower your baby’s heart rate by reducing the supply of oxygen to the baby’s brain. Low heart rate and low oxygen levels can lead to birth injuries and other complications that can have lifelong effects for your child if there was a lack of proper medical monitoring and treatment.

Increased Risk of Post-Delivery Bleeding
Inducing labor increases the risk of a serious condition called uterine atony, which causes dangerous hemorrhaging. Uterine atony occurs when the uterus doesn’t contract properly after giving birth. Labor induction increases the risk of uterine atony which happens more often after induction. Do you think you experienced an avoidable complication during labor induction? Do you believe your labor was unnecessarily induced, putting you at risk? Contact our experienced medical malpractice attorneys in New York at Pegalis & Erickson, LLC. If you have concerns please call us at (516) 858-2194.

Reasons for Planned and Unplanned C-Sections

Many expecting mothers look forward to their due dates with as much apprehension as excitement and joy. The experience of welcoming a child into the world is unlike any other, but there are so many things that can go wrong. In some cases, the obstetrician, midwife, or attending nurses may neglect to recommend a cesarean section when it is medically necessary. There is no substitute for quality medical care, and the consequences of medical malpractice can change a child’s life forever.

Planned C-Sections
Planned C-sections are those that are scheduled before labor begins. An obstetrician may recommend a planned C-section for the following reasons:

  • Breech position
  • Pregnancy with multiples
  • History of prior C-sections
  • Increased risk of uterine rupture

Planned C-sections might also be recommended when the mother has an infection that could be transmitted to the baby if he or she is born vaginally. In other cases, maternal health conditions are at risk of becoming severe during the stress of labor and childbirth. One common example is heart disease.

Unplanned C-Sections
Women who go to the hospital expecting to have a vaginal birth might still need to have a C-section due to unexpected complications. Emergency or unplanned C-sections may be needed for the following reasons:

  • The baby is too big
  • Labor is prolonged, difficult, or stops
  • The baby shows signs of distress, such as heart rate abnormalities
  • Complications affect the umbilical cord

Delayed C-Sections
A delayed C-section is when the attending medical staff fails to perform a C-section in a timely manner when it is apparent that the procedure is medically necessary to safeguard the health of mother and baby. This type of medical malpractice can result in birth injuries, such as physical injuries to the baby and an increased risk of developmental delays. For instance, the delay in performing a C-section can cause a disruption in the flow of oxygen to the baby. If the baby’s brain is deprived of oxygen, he or she can quickly begin to sustain brain damage. This can result in disorders like cerebral palsy.

Here at Pegalis & Erickson, LLC, we understand the devastating effects of medical malpractice on a family. If your family has been affected by birth injuries at a hospital near Long Island, New York, you can reach out to our malpractice law firm to let us know how we can help you. Call (516) 858-2194 for more information.

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