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Medical Malpractice in the United States [INFOGRAPHIC]


When you or someone you love suffers life-changing injuries as a result of medical negligence, you may be stuck wondering what your options are. Carelessness in the medical setting can lead to birth injuries, brain damage, and much more; a medical malpractice suit offers you a way to hold the negligent doctor, hospital, or surgeon responsible for your injuries. A Long Island medical malpractice attorney created this infographic to explain the surprising reach of medical malpractice in the US and which doctors are most prone to malpractice cases. Everyone deserves to know their rights when seeking medical care, so please share this information with as many people as you can.

Common Mistakes Doctors Make During Child Delivery

gavel & stethoscope

The birth of a child is meant to be one of life’s most joyous occasions. For some parents, however, this momentous event becomes a crushing tragedy. Each year, countless newborns experience birth injuries as the result of physician mistakes. A single wrong move or late reaction from a medical provider can cause irreversible harm to a newborn child. The following scenarios constitute some of the most common mistakes physicians make during delivery.

Pulling on the Newborn’s Head
When a baby is big or a mother’s birth canal is small, it can result in a particularly arduous labor. Once the baby’s head has exited the birth canal, the attending physician may find that her shoulders are lodged in place, making it difficult to remove the baby from the womb. In a panic, the doctor may try to pull or twist the baby’s head to release the shoulders. These actions can cause severe damage to the nerves in the neck, which may result in paralysis.

Delay in Addressing Fetal Distress
A baby can experience stress for any number of reasons during labor. Physicians have monitoring systems to track the child’s heart rate, which indicates whether the infant is tolerating the labor process. If the heart rate suddenly drops, time is of the essence. If there’s a lack of oxygen, the baby can suffer irrevocable brain damage in just minutes. A doctor who does not immediately attend to fetal stress or can cause the baby to sustain significant birth injuries.

Improper Handling of Umbilical Cord Trauma
The umbilical cord can easily become entangled around the baby’s head or neck. If it does, it’s the physician’s responsibility to respond appropriately. As with fetal distress, a tangled umbilical cord can cut off the child’s oxygen supply, which can then lead to brain damage and cerebral palsy.

Don’t let a doctor’s delivery mistake cost your child more than she has already lost. Pegalis & Erickson can help ensure that your medical malpractice claim results in the financial compensation you deserve. To speak with a medical malpractice attorney, call our Long Island office at (516) 684-2900.

Pegalis and Erickson Wins Top Ranking: 4th Highest Verdict Amount for New York Medical Malpractice, 10th in NY State Among All Verdicts

Robert V. Fallarino

Pegalis and Erickson, LLC, announces it obtained the fourth highest verdict amount in New York State in 2012 for medical malpractice, and the tenth highest for all overall verdicts in NY State, according to Verdict Search, publisher of verdict and settlement news and research. Their publication, Top New York Verdicts, annually ranks the highest obtained verdicts of 30 law practice categories from all of New York State.
The particular case which earned the fourth highest verdict was tried by Robert V. Fallarino, of Pegalis and Erickson, LLC, in February 2012. “We are pleased to win another top verdict in our practice area, which is also in the top ten overall verdicts, “said Robert Fallarino, Esquire.
The case involved a mother on Long Island, NY whose radiologist, Dr. Paul Fisher, failed to diagnose cancerous tumors in her breast. Dr. Fisher failed to order a breast sonogram which would have allowed for earlier detection. The jury found that Fisher departed from an accepted standard of medical care. It determined damages totaling $15 million dollars.
Robert V. Fallarino has more than 20 years experience handling complex labor law, product defects and medical malpractice litigation. Pegalis & Erickson, LLC is a law firm who focuses on serious injured people that suffered medical negligence. We have won the largest verdicts in NY history for birth trauma, misdiagnosed cancers, and surgical errors. For more than forty years our dedication and commitment has helped patients and/or their families to secure some monetary restitution to continue day-to-day- living. We strive to be an advocate for patient safety by securing medical accountability and safer medical practices for better patient care. Visit us at

Annamarie Bondi-Stoddard, Medical Negligence Attorney, Honored by United Cerebral Palsy Nassau

Annamarie Bondi-Stoddard

Annamarie Bondi-Stoddard, Managing Partner at the leading medical malpractice law firm Pegalis and Erickson, LLC, was awarded the Corporate Leadership Recognition award at United Cerebral Palsy of Nassau’s11th Annual Dignitary Awards Luncheon today.

Among only a handful of women in law to have risen to her position, Bondi-Stoddard has been the trusted advisor to plaintiffs for nearly 30 years with her encyclopedic knowledge of medical topics. Voted by her peers for inclusion in the Best Lawyers in America®, New York Super Lawyers, and Top Female New York Super Lawyers, most of her successful cases concern medical negligence in pre-natal and birth injuries, surgeries, and late or misdiagnosed cancers.  Bondi-Stoddard is part of the stellar team at Pegalis and Erickson, LLC, who has a 40-year reputation as leading regional medical malpractice advocates.  In fact, in 2012, they won the highest verdict in New York State for medical malpractice.

Pegalis and Erickson has supported United Cerebral Palsy of Nassau for many years through their Festival of Trees program, Polar Bear Plunge, Taste & Toast the Town, Trivia Challenge, and Forget-Me-Not Ball.

Bondi-Stoddard holds that medical negligence litigation is critically necessary to improve the safety of day-to-day medical practices, while helping seriously injured individuals have a better quality of life by alleviating some of the families’ financial burden.   She has written and lectured extensively on medical malpractice for both the legal industry and lay audiences.

Pegalis and Erickson, LLC also supports many local nonprofits including the Babylon Breast Cancer Coalition; Angela's House, American Heart Association, The Theresa Foundation, Adelphi Breast Cancer Hotline, Stanley Lamm Institute, Long Island Women's Agenda, and the American Cancer Society.  For more information visit us at or call (1) 888-706-2113.

Help us Honor Our Own Annamarie Bondi-Stoddard at the 11th Annual Dignitary Awards Luncheon!

Annamarie Bondi-Stoddard

The United Cerebral Palsy Association of Nassau County, Inc.
cordially invites you to the

 11th Annual  

Dignitary Awards Luncheon


 Mary C. Hodge

Citizens’ Choice Award


Annamarie Bondi-Stoddard

Managing Partner

Pegalis & Erickson, LLC

Corporate Leadership Recognition Award


The Roosevelt Fire Department

Excellence in Community Service Award


Alphonse Lage

Shining Star Award


Friday, April 26, 2013

The Carltun, East Meadow

12 noon to 2:00 pm

(Registration begins at 11:30 am) 

VIP Table $1,000 - Table $850 - Individual $85

 Ninety cents of every dollar donated will go directly to our
Endowment to provide for the future of ucpn

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