• Interesting article on end of life care entitled ” The Hospital Is No Place for the Elderly”

     Interesting article on end of life care entitled” The Hospital Is No Place for the Elderly” “Hospitals are hugely dangerous and inappropriately used,” says George Taler of Georgetown Univ. and the long-term care director at MedStar Washington Hospital Center. “They are a great place to be if you have no choice but to risk your life to get better.” http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2013/12/the-home-remedy-for-old-age/354680/#comments

    For many, the worst place of all is the intensive-care unit, that alien planet where, according to a recent study in the  Journal of the American Medical Association , 29 percent of Medicare beneficiaries wind up in their last month of life. “The focus appears to be on providing curative care in the acute hospital,” an accompanying editorial said, “regardless of the likelihood of benefit or preferences of patients.”

    Taler can attest to one of the more peculiar elements of this situation, which is that a better model—namely, providing care and support at home—has been known and used for decades. 

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  • Debunking Common Myths About Medical Malpractice

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    If you have been successfully treated by a doctor or nurse, you know how valuable these professionals are. But like all people, medical professionals make mistakes—some of which are pure chance, but other mistakes are due to negligence. Some people are surprised to hear about large payouts from medical malpractice cases, but doctors and hospitals that are reckless with patient diagnoses and treatment should be accountable for their negligence. Here’s the truth behind common medical malpractice myths:    

    MYTH: Medical malpractice cases drive up healthcare costs

    Some people assume that the cost of malpractice insurance and malpractice payouts leave hospitals with little money to pay for supplies and treatment, thus driving up the cost for patients. A Dartmouth study revealed that medical malpractice accounted for only $11 out of every $1000 spent on hospital services.

    MYTH: There are too many frivolous cases

    Some people think that medical malpractice plaintiffs/patients  try to “work the system” by filing frivolous lawsuits and hoping for a large settlement. However, most medical malpractice lawyers are only paid on contingency, and only take cases they know they can win. A Harvard study found that 97% of all medical malpractice claims are legitimate and involve people who are seriously hurt.

    MYTH: Medical malpractice suits affect hospitals, not doctors

    When a medical malpractice settlement is awarded, some people argue that it’s the hospital that ends up suffering, rather than the doctor. In fact, often both the doctor and the hospital are held accountable; the doctor for his negligence, and in certain situations, the hospital for creating the conditions wherein a doctor could be negligent. In the end, the hospital may penalize the negligent doctor or dismiss him altogether.

    The attorneys of Pegalis & Erickson can answer all of your medical malpractice questions and walk you through the process. We help victims of birth injuries, cancer diagnostic delays and errors, and other types of medical mistakes obtain fair compensation for their damages. Call our Long Island office at (516) 684-2900 to speak with a skilled attorney

  • New study finds HPV test may be more effective in cervical cancer screening

    Study Suggests protection from cervical cancer through HPV screening may be better than Pap test. Screening offered greater protection against cervical cancer three years after either test was given. Screening for the human papillomavirus (HPV) is more effective than Pap tests for protecting women against invasive cervical cancer, a new study suggests.The increased protection offered by HPV screening was particularly notable in women aged 30 to 35. HPV-based screening provides 60â?”70% greater protection against invasive cervical carcinomas compared with cytologyThe researchers also found that HPV screening every five years was most protective against invasive cancers of the cervix, compared with Pap test screening done every three years. Read the summary here in the Lancet http://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/piis0140-6736(13)62218-7/abstract

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  • We just got ranked a 2014 Tier One NY Best Law Firm!

     Lake Success, NY, November 4, 2013 –For the fourth consecutive year, the law firm of Pegalis and Erickson announce their top Tier One ranking as a 2014 “Best Law Firm” by U.S. News – Best Lawyers ® . Firms included in the 2014 “Best Law Firms” list are recognized for professional excellence with persistently impressive ratings from clients and peers. Additionally, Steven Pegalis, Stephen Erickson, Annamarie Bondi-Stoddard, and Sanford Nagrotsky, all partners at Pegalis& Erickson, LLC, have been named to the 2014 Edition of The Best Lawyers in America© .

    “We’re proud to be named as a New York Tier One “Best Law Firm” again this year, as the review process is first-rate. We are most proud of the success we enjoy on behalf of our clients by providing peace of mind, a sense of justice, and financial security. Our team’s personal investment in each case has brought about our consistent success,” said Stephen Erickson, senior partner at Pegalis & Erickson.

    For the 2014 rankings over 12,000 attorneys provided over 330,000 law firm assessments, and almost 7,000 clients provided close to 20,000 evaluations. Ranked firms, presented in tiers, are listed on a national and/or metropolitan scale.  The rankings can be seen in their entirety at BestLawFirms.USNews.com.

    ABOUT US: Pegalis & Erickson, LLC, is a law firm who focuses on seriously injured people that suffered medical negligence. We have won some of the largest verdicts in NY history for birth trauma, misdiagnosed cancers, and surgical errors.  For more than forty years our dedication and commitment has helped patients and/or their families to secure monetary restitution to continue day-to-day- living. We strive to be an advocate for patient safety by securing medical accountability and safer medical practices for better patient care. Please visit us at www.pegalisanderickson.com.

    ABOUT THE RANKINGS:   The U.S. News Best Lawyers® “Best Law Firms” rankings are based on a collection of client and lawyer evaluations, peer review from leading attorneys in their field, and review of additional info provided by law firms’ submission process. Best Lawyers has assisted those in need of legal services for 30 years to identify attorneys best qualified to represent them.

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