• Spotlight on Men’s Health

    medical negligence in Long Island As Father’s Day approaches, many men are about to be in the limelight. Fathers are celebrated for their importance to the family, providing all kinds of support to partners and children, so it’s especially important for men to watch their health so they can continue their roles in the family.

    To prevent chronic and dangerous diseases like cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease, it’s imperative for men to eat well and exercise regularly. Exercise also reduces stress, which is a factor in the many illness including cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease depression, gastrointestinal illness, and even Alzheimer’s.

    Men should see their doctors for regular checkups. According to the CDC, men are 80% less likely than women to see a doctor regularly. In fact, regular checkups can catch diseases in their early and asymptomatic forms before they worsen, and cause life-altering complications.

    At Pegalis & Erickson, LLC, we have devoted our lives to defending the legal rights of families who have been affected by medical malpractice in Long Island, New York and beyond. If you’re looking for answers about possible medical malpractice, call us today at (516) 684-2900.

  • Port Washington and West Hempstead, Long Island Women Attorneys Named Treasurer, and President of Regional Lawyer Associations

    medical malpractice lawyer Long Island

    Lake Success, NY, June 2016… Annamarie Bondi-Stoddard, Managing Partner at the law firm of Pegalis & Erickson, LLC, and a Port Washington resident, was re-elected as an officer of the New York State Trial Lawyers Association (NYSTLA). Her role will be Treasurer for the 2016 – 2017 year. “It is a privilege to formally link with this group of dedicated attorneys who work to ensure wrongfully injured New Yorkers have access to the civil justice system, and who promote legislation to protect the rights of New Yorkers injured as a result of negligent acts,” said Bondi-Stoddard. NYSTLA’s important initiatives include preserving and enhancing New York’s civil justice system, such as advocating for the passing of Lavern’s Law to protect patient’s rights.

    Pegalis & Erickson, LLC, also announces the election of West Hempstead, NY resident Linda M. Oliva, Esq., to President of the Nassau County Women’s Bar Association (NCWBA). Ms. Oliva will serve a one year term as President for the 2016-2017 year. “I’m both honored and proud to serve our women’s bar association. We work to advance the status of women in society and of women in the legal profession,” said Ms. Oliva.

    Ms. Bondi-Stoddard is one of a handful of female managing partners on Long Island, NY , and has been widely recognized for her achievements in the area of medical malpractice litigation. Her successful cases include securing a record medical malpractice settlement against NYC Health and Hospitals Corp., for an infant who sustained brain damage at birth as a result of oxygen deprivation and skull fracture. Bondi-Stoddard earned her J.D. from Boston University. The Port Washington, NY, resident joined Pegalis & Erickson, LLC in 1984, became managing attorney in 1986, and was named managing partner in 2001. She is named each year to the New York SuperLawyers and U.S. News and World Report Best Lawyers lists as an attorney who has attained a high-degree of peer recognition and professional achievement through a selection process of independent research, peer nominations and peer evaluations.

    medical malpractice lawyer Long Island

    Ms. Oliva is an attorney for plaintiffs in medical negligence cases. She manages pretrial litigation and appeals, representing children who have suffered from birth injuries, people of all ages who have experienced surgical complications and cardiovascular medical errors, and women who have suffered health care negligence such as the failure to diagnose and treat breast cancer. Ms. Oliva dedicates considerable time to community services, notably to breast cancer awareness with the Babylon Breast Cancer Coalition, and the Adelphi/New York State Breast Cancer Hotline Creative Cups program. She was named to the New York SuperLawyers lists in 2016, 2015, and 2014 after a selection process of independent research, peer nominations and peer evaluations.

    About Pegalis & Erickson, LLC P& E is a personal injury law firm focused on representing people that suffered medical negligence. US News and World Report named us to their 2016 Best Law Firms list for medical malpractice in New York, and founder Steven Pegalis, as 2016 Lawyer of the Year. In our forty five years of practice, we have helped thousands obtain funds for services they need to survive day-to-day. We are advocates for patient safety and medical accountability to ensure safer medical practices for better patient care. Visit us at PegalisandErickson.com for health news you can use and follow us on Twitter and Facebook .

  • What Is Your Right to Know the Facts After a Medical Mistake?

    patient rights medical malpractice long island A medical mistake can have tragic consequences, including birth injuries that can result in permanent disability. But far too often, parents are told that birth injuries or maternal injuries were inevitable; that there was simply nothing the doctors could have done. If you, your partner, or your child may have been affected by medical malpractice, you do have the right to know what happened.

    The hospital staff won’t always be forthcoming with the facts, which is why families might turn to a medical negligence lawyer for help. A lawyer can request medical records and review the case, perhaps with the help of a medical consultant. A lawyer can also help families affected by medical mistakes seek compensation for their loved ones’ injuries.

    At Pegalis & Erickson, LLC, we have devoted our lives to defending the legal rights of families who have been affected by medical malpractice in Long Island, New York and beyond. We firmly believe that families have the right to know what has happened when a loved one is affected by medical negligence. If you’re looking for answers about possible medical malpractice, call us today at (516) 684-2900.

  • When Are Hospital Staff Supposed to Wash Their Hands?

    medical malpractice long island Hospital-acquired infections are a common cause of compromised health, hospital re-admittance, and even death. These complications may sometimes be said to constitute medical malpractice and may lead to a wrongful death lawsuit. Yet, the most basic of hygiene activities can significantly curb the spread of infections in healthcare facilities. By simply washing their hands at the necessary times, healthcare providers and hospital technicians can help protect their patients.

    Handwashing and antiseptic use is necessary when hospital staff is in high-risk areas or handling high-risk patients. High-risk areas include burn units, trauma care centers, and oncology units. Healthcare providers are expected to thoroughly cleanse the hands before and after touching wounds, before initiating invasive procedures, after caring for an infectious patient, and after touching any object that may be contaminated.

    Patients who may have been wronged by acts of medical malpractice are invited to call Pegalis & Erickson, LLC at (516) 684-2900. We are a medical malpractice firm located in Long Island, New York.

  • Understanding the Common Causes of Stillbirth

    Stillbirth occurs when a developing baby dies after the 20 th week of gestation. If the baby is lost before this point, it is referred to as a miscarriage. Stillbirth is an indescribable tragedy for a family. After it occurs, bereaved parents may need to know why they lost their baby. Unfortunately, the cause of stillbirth cannot always be determined. However, in some cases, it is possible that medical malpractice played a role. Medical malpractice can include mistakes made while the expectant mother was receiving prenatal care.

    Infectious Diseases

    It is possible for stillbirth to be caused by infectious diseases that affect the mother, baby, or placenta. Infectious diseases are particularly dangerous when they occur prior to the 28 th week of gestation. A range of infections can cause the death of a developing baby, including listeriosis, fifth disease, cytomegalovirus, and syphilis. Prenatal care providers are responsible for detecting these possible problems and treating them to protect the health of mother and baby.

    Umbilical Cord Problems Stillbirth medical malpractice lawyer long island

    Less commonly, a baby may die before birth because of problems with the umbilical cord. The umbilical cord may become twisted or knotted, or it may not be properly affixed to the placenta. This interferes with the supply of oxygen to the baby and can cause stillbirth. Often, a stillbirth that involves umbilical cord problems also involves other complications, such as a prolonged and difficult delivery.

    Placenta Problems

    Placental abruption is a life-threatening problem that involves the partial or complete separation of the placenta from the uterus before birth. When this occurs, the baby is deprived of the nutrients and oxygen he or she needs. Additionally, placental abruption contributes to the risk of severe bleeding. This complication most often occurs during the third trimester.

    The medical negligence lawyers at Pegalis & Erickson, LLC have a longstanding history of securing substantial settlements and jury verdicts on behalf of families affected by birth injuries and stillbirth. If your baby was stillborn, you deserve to know why. Contact our medical malpractice law firm in Long Island, New York at (516) 684-2900 to schedule a consultation.