• The Dangers of Delayed Breast Cancer Diagnoses

    cancer misdiagnosis lawyer long island Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, medical negligence lawyers recommend that women take a few minutes to familiarize themselves with the basics of breast health. For example, you could talk to your doctor about the mammography guidelines that may apply to you. Mammograms are crucial because a delayed diagnosis of breast cancer will cause delays in treatment, and can cause a lesser chance of a cure. Some women may even wish to get a second opinion of their mammogram results if they suspect that the mammogram was not read properly. Women should also discuss breast sonograms in addition to mammograms if they have dense breasts or a palpable lump.

    When medical malpractice leads to a delayed breast cancer diagnosis, women have a higher risk of dying from the disease. Any delays in treatment may give the cancer time to spread to the lymph nodes or other areas of the body, which makes it more difficult to successfully treat.

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  • Infectious Illness and Medical Malpractice

    medical negligence lawyers Long Island You may have already heard that medication errors, emergency room errors, and birth injuries are examples of medical malpractice. But did you know that a patient can also acquire an infectious disease because of medical malpractice? Hospitals are breeding grounds for germs. And while you might think that healthcare providers and support staff members would wash their hands and take other precautions to prevent the spread of germs, some providers fail to follow these protocols.

    Since cases involving infectious disease and medical negligence can be quite complex, it’s advisable to turn to a medical malpractice lawyer for guidance. Medical malpractice lawyers can handle cases involving serious complications from post-operative infections, failure to sterilize surgical instruments properly, and failure to follow proper protocols to maintain a sterile environment during surgery. Your lawyer can also handle cases involving failure to diagnose an infection or failure to treat an infection.

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  • Getting Answers After a Stillbirth

    One of the most emotionally devastating experiences a parent can have is the loss of a child. After suffering a pregnancy loss, parents often have more questions than answers, such as how such a tragedy could have occurred. Unfortunately, the cause of stillbirth isn’t identifiable in many cases. When the cause may have been medical malpractice, parents may wish to consider talking to a lawyer.

    How Did This Happen? medical malpractice Long Island

    There are many possible causes of stillbirth. They include fetal genetic or structural abnormalities, umbilical cord abnormalities, placental disease, and maternal or fetal infection. Obstetric complications such as abruption and multiple gestation could also contribute. Additionally, certain risk factors may increase the likelihood of suffering a stillbirth, such as older maternal age, concurrent medical disorders, obesity, and smoking. Obstetricians and other healthcare providers have a duty to carefully monitor maternal and fetal health during pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Medical negligence may contribute to stillbirth if a healthcare provider failed to manage risk factors of the mother, detect potential health problems, and treat these health issues.

    Which Tests are Recommended?

    After a stillbirth, the healthcare provider can carefully evaluate maternal and fetal health to try to determine what went wrong. The doctor should examine the baby, the placenta, and the umbilical cord. He or she may also ask the parents’ permission to run some medical tests. These may include amniocentesis, which is a test of the amniotic fluid to check for genetic conditions. Under certain circumstances, the provider should have recommended amniocentesis during pregnancy. The physician may also ask to perform an autopsy, test for infections, and conduct genetic tests.

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  • Hospital Safety: Minimizing Risks and Recognizing Negligence

    medical malpractice Long Island

    Did you know that about one-fourth of all hospitalized patients may suffer from a preventable medical error? These can include medication errors, surgical mistakes, and hospital-acquired infections. By learning about the potential for medical malpractice, patients can better protect themselves and family members can serve as effective advocates for their loved ones.

    Consult Your Primary Care Physician

    Hospitalizations aren’t always planned. However, if your situation isn’t an emergency, it’s a good idea to consult your primary care doctor before you check into the hospital. Ask your doctor whether you’ll need to change your medication regimen, bring medications with you to the hospital, change your diet, or have pre-admission tests. You can also ask him or her about the tests and procedures you can expect once you’re in the hospital.

    Schedule Surgeries Carefully

    Many people prefer to schedule surgeries for the weekend, since this gives them some extra time to recover before they take time off work the next week. However, hospital staffing is generally unfavorable on the weekends. If you check into the hospital on a Friday, you may not be as carefully monitored after the procedure. If possible, try to schedule your surgery for a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

    Recognize Possible Medical Negligence

    Since it can be difficult to recognize medical malpractice, it’s a good idea to ask questions if you’re ever unsure of something. You could ask if you can get a second opinion for your diagnosis or imaging study interpretation. You can ask to double-check the names and dosages of all medications before a nurse administers them to you. And never hesitate to ask nurses or other providers to wash their hands when they enter your hospital room. Hospital-acquired infections are among the most common problems that hospitalized patients encounter.

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