• Oliva Elected to Nassau County Women’s Bar Association

    Lake Success, NY, June 2013…Pegalis and Erickson, LLC, announce the election of their Associate, Linda M. Oliva, to the Board of the Nassau County Women’s Bar Association (NCWBA). Oliva takes over as Corresponding Secretary for the 2013-2014 year, in this her second term.

    Ms. Oliva has been a distinguished attorney for plaintiffs in medical negligence cases for the past 20 years. She handles all aspects of pretrial litigation and appeals to represent patients in birth injury, surgical, neurosurgical, cardiac, and women’s health care negligence including the failure to diagnose and treat breast cancer.   “I’m proud to serve on the NCWBA, most especially to work with leaders on our committees to mentor law students, help women enter the workforce, and support breast cancer research,” said Oliva.

    At Pegalis & Erickson, Ms. Oliva represents many of the firm’s Latino clients and educates them on legal rights and patient awareness. She dedicates considerable time to community services, notably breast cancer awareness activities through the Babylon Breast Cancer Coalition and the Adelphi Breast Cancer hotline.  Ms. Oliva is also an active member in her civic association, and mentors students at the ABGS Middle School in Hempstead, New York.  LMO Bio  In addition to her role on the NCWBA, Ms. Oliva is a member of the New York State Trial Lawyers’ Association, the American Association for Justice, the Nassau County Bar Association, the Long Island Hispanic Bar Association and (LIWA) the Long Island Women’s Agenda.  Oliva received her law degree from St. John’s University, and her bachelors from Hofstra University.  She is admitted to practice law in New York State and in the Federal Courts for the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York..

    Contact: echristie@pegalisanderickson.com

    Linda M. Oliva final lite

  • Could a computer virus affect your medical device?

    Medical devices contain embedded computer systems that can be vulnerable to cyber security breaches. To address the risk of computer viruses, the FDA has issued it’s first-ever cyber security guidance for hospitals and for manufacturers of medical devices. http://www.fda.gov/Safety/MedWatch/SafetyInformation/SafetyAlertsforHumanMedicalProducts/ucm357090.htm

  • Doctors Leave 13-Inch Tool in Patient’s Body

    Medical mistakes do happen, sometimes extreme ones. The man in this video felt even worse long after surgery because doctors had mistakenly left a 13-inch medical tool inside him!  It was spotted during a CAT scan and eventually fixed – but not before causing serious complications.  Medical errors need not be this extreme to file a claim. If you are in need of legal advice regarding medical mistakes consider calling (516) 684-2900 to reach the law office of Pegalis & Erickson

  • Medical Mistakes: Air Bubbles

    Flat line alert on heart monitor

    Oxygen is present in blood and many other tissues. However, air bubbles inside sensitive tissue may obstruct blood flow and cause serious medical complications.

    The most common way for bubbles to form is through an improper suture following the removal of a chest tube. Air bubbles can be sucked into the wounded area and cut off essential blood flow to the kidneys, brain, and lungs. If the hospital staff does not mitigate this problem quickly, the effects may be grave. It is important to note that inaction on behalf of medical professionals may give you grounds to file a personal injury lawsuit against the medical facility.

    If you suspect that your medical complications were caused by a doctor’s carelessness, consult a lawyer as soon as possible. New Yorkers in need of legal advice regarding medical malpractice should call the Law Office of Pegalis & Erickson at (516) 684-2900. We offer free consultations to first time clients and can help you understand the strength of your claim. Schedule an appointment today to learn about all possible legal options.

  • Medical Malpractice and Breast Cancer


    If a doctor fails to order a crucial test, he or she may be held legally responsible for any condition that goes undetected. In the case of cancer, early detection can add years to a loved one’s life. Due to the medical complexity of these situations, it is essential to consult an experienced attorney as soon as you suspect something is wrong. Here is a brief look at medical malpractice and breast cancer misdiagnosis:

    Critical Errors
    With timely detection and proper treatment, breast cancer may be slowed or eliminated altogether. Patients often seek the advice of doctors when they notice a serious issue. These same doctors are often in the position to diagnose the cancer early during routine check-ups. If they notice abnormalities, these trusted physicians are expected to order further testing or procedures. Failing to properly read a mammogram can be a serious mistake that may lead to delayed treatment of cancer. A recent study of medical malpractice claims found that radiologists were sued more frequently for failing to diagnose breast cancer than any other ailment.

    Grounds for a Lawsuit
    Doctors are required to employ a reasonable standard of care when helping patients under all circumstances. Due to their advanced training and licensing, these medical practitioners are held to higher standards of care than other professionals. Issues such as misreading radiology scans or x-rays may give patients grounds for a lawsuit. When it comes to breast cancer, doctors who do not order advanced testing, such as a sonogram or mammogram, may be held legally liable for their mistakes.  

    Medical malpractice claims require a vast knowledge of both medicine and the law. For this reason, it is essential to choose an experienced attorney to handle your case. At the Long Island firm of Pegalis & Erickson, we have been helping victims of malpractice receive fair compensation for more than 40 years. Call (516) 684-2900 to speak to a skilled attorney at our Lake Success office today.