• Reducing Your Risk of a Missed Diagnosis

    Although healthcare providers may be perceived as being infallible, they can and frequently do make mistakes. Sometimes, those mistakes can lead to serious or even life-threatening consequences, such as a missed diagnosis that delay crucial treatment. One of the elements of medical malpractice is a breach in the standard of care. In other words, a doctor may be liable for medical negligence when he or she deviates from the normal protocol for a particular situation. This can lead to a delayed or misdiagnosis, such as when a doctor fails to order an imaging scan in a situation in which it is medically indicated. There are a few steps you can take to reduce your risk of delayed diagnoses and other forms of medical malpractice.

    Provide as Much Information as You Can medical malpractice Long Island

    When it’s time to visit a healthcare provider, take a few minutes to write down important information. Providing your doctor with a written list of your symptoms can minimize the possibility of a missed diagnosis. Make a note of when your symptoms developed, whether they have worsened, and whether they seem affected by external factors, such as physical activity or meals. Additionally, it’s important to update your medical records each time you visit the doctor’s office. Let your provider know if you began taking a new medication, if you were diagnosed with any new conditions, or if there are any changes to your family medical history.

    Speak Up If You Have Questions

    Even if your doctor appears to be in a hurry to see other patients, you’re well within your rights to ask as many questions as you need to fully understand your situation. Ask what could be causing your symptoms, whether you should undergo any medical tests, and if so, when you can expect the results.

    Seek a Second Opinion

    It isn’t always necessary to get a second opinion; however, you shouldn’t hesitate to do so if you feel that your doctor is dismissive of your symptoms. You can also seek a second opinion for major medical issues, such as a suspicious lump or when a major surgery is recommended.

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  • February Is American Heart Month

    medical malpractice Long Island Heart disease is responsible for one out of every three deaths in the United States, making it the single deadliest disease in existence. Anyone, including children, can develop it. However, the most common type is coronary artery disease which causes heart attacks.Every person can reduce their risk of heart attacks by taking the time to educate themselves about it. Following a well-rounded diet, getting plenty of exercise, and avoiding tobacco products can all help you maintain a healthy heart. Your doctor can perform several tests to diagnose heart disease, and you should ask what tests are appropriate for you.

    There are differences in warning signs of heart attack between women and men. Men and women might experience chest pain, but women may also experience nausea, back or neck pain and shortness of breath

    One of the most common causes of heart disease is high blood pressure. Unfortunately, many people who have high blood pressure never realize it, since it frequently presents no warning signs. During American Heart Month, take the time to have your blood pressure checked by a medical professional.

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  • Understanding Anesthesia-Related Injuries

    medical negligence in Long Island Despite advances in medical technology and knowledge, it is possible for patients to sustain injuries because of anesthesia errors. These types of medication errors may be attributable to medical malpractice. Injuries can result when the anesthesiologist administers too little medication or too much medication. Injuries can also occur if the provider fails to monitor the patient properly or fails to recognize developing complications. Serious injury can occur if the patient is improperly positioned, is intubated improperly, or is not provided sufficient pre-operative instructions.

    A wide range of injuries may occur because of medical malpractice during surgery. Problems related to the anesthesia can include permanent brain damage caused by oxygen deprivation. Sometimes, this may even result in wrongful death. Other possible injuries include damage to the larynx, nerve injury, respiratory distress, and severe allergic reactions.

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  • Traumatic Brain Injury Symptoms

    brain injury attorney Long Island A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can be a life altering health matter. If it isn’t properly diagnosed and treated because of medical malpractice, patients risk additional complications. It’s important for patients and their families to be able to advocate for their own well-being by learning to recognize the symptoms of a possible TBI. Immediately after the injury is sustained, patients may experience loss of consciousness, dizziness, confusion, disorientation, nausea, and vomiting. Headaches, drowsiness, sensitivity to light and sound, and blurry vision are also possible.

    As time passes, patients may notice additional symptoms and complications, particularly if the brain injury was severe. These can include physical symptoms such as seizures, persistent headache, and loss of coordination. They might also include cognitive symptoms such as severe confusion, abnormal behavior, and communication impairment.

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